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The Mexican Revolution: Federal Expenditure and Social Change Since 1910

By James W. Wilkie
(Berkeley: University of California Press, 1967; 2nd ed., revised, 1970)


For the Spanish Translation further revised and enlarged, see
La Revolución Mexicana: Gasto Público y Cambio Social (1978 y 1987)


Debates about the Book in English:

Debate 1:

Thomas E. Skidmore and Peter H. Smith:

"Notes on Quantitative History: Federal Expenditure and Social Change since 1910,"
Latin American Research Review 5:1 (Spring 1970), pp. 71-85
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James W. Wilkie

"On Methodology and the Use of Historical Statistics,"
Latin American Research Review 5:1 (Spring 1970), pp. 87-91
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J. Wilkie. "On Methodology and the Use of Historical Statistics" (1970)

Debate 2:

Felix C. Boni and Mitchell A. Seligson

"Applying Quantitative Techniques to Quantitative History: Poverty and Federal Expenditures in Mexico,"
Latin American Research Review 7:2 (Summer 1973), pp. 105-110
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James W. Wilkie

"On Quantitative History: The Poverty Index for Mexico,"
Latin American Research Review, Vol. 10, No. 1 (Spring, 1975), pp. 63-75.

J. Wilkie. "On Quantitative History: The Poverty Index for Mexico" (1975)



Debate 3:

Kenneth M. Coleman and John Wanat

"On Measuring Mexican Presidential Ideology Through Budgets: A Reappraisal of the Wilkie Approach,"
Latin American Research Review 10.1 (Spring, 1975), pp. 77-88.



James W. Wilkie

"Coleman and Wanat Fail to Prove that Wilkie's Budgetary Analysis Does Not Reveal the Personalism of Presidential ldeology in Mexico"
Extract from JWW Rebuttal in Money and Politics in Latin America, pp. xv-xvii.


En James W. Wilkie and Kenneth Ruddle (eds.)
(Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Center Publications, 1977)

JWW also develops above his argument by quoting James A. Hanson and Enrique Baloyra on their case studies that support the his approach to budgetary analysis, see:

James A. Hanson "Federal Expenditures and 'Personalism' in the Mexican 'Institutional' Revolution (1977)

Enrique A. Baloyra, "Democratic and Dictatorial Budgeting: The Case of Cuba with Reference to Venezuela and Mexico" (1977)

Thomas B. Millington. "Bolivian Public Expenditure and the Role of Decentralized Agencies: A Test of the Wilkie View" (1981)